6 Benefits of Virtual Cloud Storage

6 Benefits of Virtual Cloud Storage
1. Convenience, ease of use

Cloud Storage is designed with an automatic backup scheduling feature that allows constant backup after just one setup, ensuring that backups are in accordance with the initial schedule. The Cloud Storage system will send a notification when a backup is completed or a problem occurs, helping you to monitor data and assure data synchronization and safety.

2. Data safety and security

Your data is backed up with the most up-to-date mechanism – Erasure Coding. Erasure Coding is a data protection method, in which data is separated into segments, expanded and encoded with redundant data pieces and stored across a set of different locations or storage media.

Data on Cloud Storage are encrypted with a version controlling system, so users can limit IP access. All user data are stored in the system device which is installed at Tier III standard computer rooms and data centers across the country. This ensures backup completion even in an unexpected situation because all centers are designed for national data security and backup. FPT Cloud system ensures security with the international certificate ISO 27000 and off-site backup, which is different from data generation, enabling data footprint under any circumstances.

3. Unlimited storage expansion

Using Cloud Storage, you can expand the storage region with simple and convenient procedures and payment. The larger the storage, the cheaper the cost per storage unit is. This unlimited storage expansion helps eliminate software modification when increasing storage. Imagine expanding your house without moving any furniture around. Everything will be done instantaneously. However, this is not what any vendor can provide because it depends on the amount of resource that each has. 

4. High-speed data transmission

FPT Cloud, with the advantage of network access, will provide exquisite data transmission speed. It will take much less time for data upload and download. All will happen instantly with several drop-and-drag motions. 

In addition, domestic data storage and network will help you and your business avoid risks of data availability when the international optical fiber is broken or requires frequent maintenance. As a result, you are able to upload or download data at any time with maximized transmission speed.

5. Group collaboration

Cloud Storage, Storebox offers beneficial functionalities to support teamwork such as secure data sharing, access authority, communication, information sharing via email or download links, time and date setting, and more.

6. Expense optimization

With Cloud Storage, customers can effectively save expenses for device investment, scale/shrink the system… There is also no operation or system maintenance costs.

Furthermore, if you own a startup, renting an external storage service is a great selection to save funds for other requirements. You can optimize project efficiency while reducing expense and avoiding risks.


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