Cloud Storage Security

Cloud Storage Security

Apart from inevitable benefits, users should pay attention to certain weaknesses of Cloud storage forms to ensure data security on the Internet.

Cloud computing generally and Cloud storage specifically are a revolution in the Information Technology sector. Currently users are familiar with popular Cloud storage services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, and Box. Besides the outstanding advantages, these Cloud storage services pose several risks to data security that you should know.

Understand the demand

Cloud storage services share a common problem with other new trends – many people are following the trend without having detailed expertise about it.

It is important to research what Cloud computing can offer to your business. Cloud computing is simply a tool to fulfill certain needs, so you should not use that to just catch up with the flow. You will not be able to maximize its potential.

Select the right Cloud service

There are undoubtedly numerous great Cloud services to choose from such as Dropbox, Skydrive, Box, Google Drive, Amazon Cloud Drive… Before choosing any service, you should consider and research all options.

You can compare those services in terms of convenience, time saving, and required effort. It can be time-consuming for data to be transferred across clouds. The service features like creating disks, computer folders, and desktop applications will be more beneficial than loading and downloading data from the web. Besides, data synchronization is an important issue. You should make sure that you can access and use Cloud data anywhere with any Internet-connected device.

Create many data backups

Cloud should not be the only data storage because its lifespan is out of your control. It can vanish tomorrow and you will lose all data. Therefore, Cloud data should only be a backup and thus, you should have other backup methods along with it.

Protect the data

We have mentioned data security, protection, and backup issues in case of a service disruption above. Furthermore, you should especially consider data security. If your vendor is hacked, your data will be in big trouble as the hack will then have full control of the data. Hence, you should use encryption applications to secure Cloud data. Several viable options are TrueCrypt, BoxCryptor, TeamDrive, SpiderOak… or use the open-source EncFS if your computer is running on Linux. 


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