Experience a completely free comprehensive data backup & recovery service only in August

Experience a completely free comprehensive data backup & recovery service only in August

From August 1 to August 31, 2021, FPT Cloud offers customers the opportunity to experience 100 GB/VM of FPT Backup service completely free of charge. 

FPT Backup is a service that supports backing up, cloning part or all of the enterprise server system to the cloud computing infrastructure, ensuring backup for operation when the main system encounters errors or unexpected problems. 

The service provides an instant, safe and complete data backup and restoring solution, ensuring that business data is always protected against all possible situations, with various outstanding features: 

  • Automatic backup, quick restore; 
  • Uninterrupted operation during backup; 
  • Backup multiple data sources, cross-platform; 
  • Save storage space with incremental backup; 
  • Safe and secure with data transmission and storage encryption; 
  • Unlimited Domestic broadband. 

Furthermore, FPT Cloud, accompanying businesses amid the pandemic, launches a combo offering the duo: FPT Elastic Compute & FPT Cloud Backup. The combo will brings companies a perfect integrated experience between flexible and reliable virtual server system and comprehensive data backup & recovery support services. Accordingly, all customers who register to use FPT Elastic Compute and FPT Cloud Backup during the promotion period will receive: 

  • 1 month free trial of the service 
  • Up to 50% support for new registered customers 
  • Free FPT Cloud Backup data backup service 100GB/VM 

Contact us now for a free consultation and trial: 
Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/fptsmartcloud/
Email: info@fptcloud.com
Hotline: 1900 638 399

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