FPT Backup – The optimal solution to secure data for business

FPT Backup – The optimal solution to secure data for business

According to the most recent report from Kaspersky Security Network (KSN), in 2020, there were 800,000 ransomware attacks to small and medium businesses (SMB), in which Vietnam had about 200,000. Varonis estimated that the average cost for a lost personal file is $141, so it is inevitable that data loss contributes to economic damages. 

Therefore, besides anti-virus software, backup is the optimal solution to protect enterprise data from external threats as well as human-rooted problems. The backup process must be executed frequently to enable quick recovery and minimize downtime of the system. 

What is Data Backup? 

Backup is a process to copy all data stored in the computer, server, or any devices with the capability to save and store, and it will keep the data in one or more devices as backup data. As the main device loses data due to damages, hacking, system shutdown, etc., users still have data to recover, minimize losses and damages regarding the data resources.  

Prominent traditional backup methods include mobile hard drive, USB, DVD, VCD, but these are getting less relevant. Users are usually exposed to a long downtime to extract and recover data; the storage and recovery are also to be done manually and are time-consuming. 

What will happen when external incidents like total electricity cutoff or natural disasters (fires, floods) damage all hardwares as well as the IT infrastructure. Under these circumstances, Cloud storage with an automatic backup feature, high flexibility and availability is the best solution. 

FPT Backup – The next-generation storage solution for business 

Driven by business demands, FPT Smart Cloud has cooperated with VEEAM – a global leading firm in data storage and recovery, to initiate the Backup as a Service (BaaS) to provide a comprehensive backup solution for both personal and business uses. 

FPT Backup supports both partial and total storage and duplication of the enterprise server system to the Cloud infrastructure, ensuring backup for operations as the main system encounters errors or unexpected issues. Enterprises then can restore data quickly and efficiently. 

Benefits of using Cloud Backup by FPT Cloud 

An implementation model for all businesses 

FPT Backup currently offers 2 deployment models: “Disk to Cloud” and “Disk to Disk to Cloud.” With Disk to Cloud, the backup agent will be setup on server or computer to backup data directly to the Cloud, which is the most suitable for individuals or small businesses using physical server. SMBs that have virtualized system and require concentrated management, 1 backup server with the “Veeam Backup and Replication” software will be deployed locally, making sure that all data will always be uploaded to the Cloud. 

The Disk to Disk to Cloud model provides an additional backup version locally, enhancing recovery capabilities and accelerating the recovery process when an incident occurs. This model is especially suitable for m diim and large businesses. 

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Diagram of the operating system of two deployment models “Disk to Cloud” and “Disk to Disk to Cloud”

Agility, availability  

Backup solution of FPT Cloud always ensures high availability and operations with different systems, enabling protection of the platform on the physical or virtualization servers and expeditious recovery in case of incidents. Exceedingly, with incremental backup, the system will automatically backup changes compared to the previous version, optimizing data storage and backup time. Thus, the solution helps save costs, adequate to businesses of all scales or even individuals with demand for data backup. 

Support multi-platforms 

FPT Backup supports multiple applications and platforms such as VMware or Hyper-V, physical server, workstation as well as full virtual machine, backup files, folder, and database. Users can easily use operating systems like Window, Linux, and MacOS. Moreover, the Veeam Backup & Replication solution also supports backup for applications like SQL, MySQL, Exchange, SharePoint, and Active Directory…; supports backup from the on-premise infrastructure or Cloud systems to FPT Cloud, or between different zones of FPT Cloud. 

Data security 

Security is always a crucial element that Cloud users especially care about. Your data will be encrypted through the data transmission from local to FPT Cloud by TLS via the HTTPS protocol. Successful backup data will then be stored on the FPT Storage system. Users can further choose the encrypt-at-source-side option to ensure the highest data security level. Exceedingly, FPT Cloud ensures that your data will be separated from other customers’, and only you can access such data. 

In particular, FPT Cloud always ensures that your data is kept separate from other customers and only you have access to this data. 

Save expenses 

Experienced engineers of FPT Cloud will accompany customers from assessment and evaluation phases to orchestrate the most optimal design level for their backup systems. Besides, businesses can easily and flexibly scale up/down storage based on the actual needs. 

The incremental backup mechanism, incorporating with backup processing, compress, and de-duplication technologies of Veeam will help to save storage while maintaining the most effective protection for users’ data. 

Concentrated administration 

FPT Cloud currently provides BaaS in 2 regions – Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Enterprises can be flexible in selecting data storage at desired regions. Simultaneously, the administrator can deliberately uses the admin interface provided by FPT Cloud to initiate, schedule backup, turn on/off backup jobs in one single portal. The automatic alert via email will help administrator to update the backup system’s operating status without any disruption. This is one of outstanding administrative features of FPT Backup compared to other Cloud Backup products in the market. 

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