“The key” to boost performance & customer experience for the insurance industry

In pursuit of distinct advantage, leading insurance companies in both international and domestic levels have been choosing to apply new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing that may lead to breakthrough improvement in operational performance as well as customer care efficiency. 

The explosion of cloud computing has been witnessed in recent years, and it is undeniable that Cloud has played an essential role in creating a competitive advantage for businesses; As well as the traditional paradigm shift, the application of data analysis systems has brought about tremendous improvement in customer experience. 

Cloud includes a digital ecosystem of several products and services.  that  In order to implement the technology, businesses need a clear and navigated approach that ensures solidity and safety. FPT Cloud was built and developed with the mission of accompanying businesses in the digital transformation process. The Cloud ecosystem supports 3 models: Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud to help businesses have a classification and choice in accordance with their operating practices. 

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