Next-Gen Firewall

The next Generation Firewall solution that provides comprehensive protection with advanced security features for enterprise applications and data.

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FPT Next-Gen Firewall can assess and perform in-depth analysis at the application level, thereby detecting and preventing external intrusion and data stealing. The solution also allows customers to execute centralized administration and automatically updates on a single platform, as well as easily deploying corporate security policies based on their needs.

Traffic Control

Provide Next-Gen Firewall (stateful firewall technology) to control of internet traffic by user, protocol, and service.

Unauthorized Access Detection & Prevention

Prevent exploiting application vulnerabilities (MS Word, MS Excel, Arobat,…), operating systems, web systems, and webapps.

App Access Control

Control access from web-based apps (Gmailchat,Facebook, Facebook-posting, Facebook-messages,..) or client-based apps (μTorrent, Ultrasurf, Skype, OpenVPN,..) based on different Application IDs.

Virus & Spam Prevention

Prevent virus & malware spreading based on available data, protect email servers from receiving and sending spam emails to users.

Threat Simulation

Detect and prevent Malware-zeroday, without signature, by emulating users opening files and behavior tracking.

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Data Review

Inspect data content to prevent corporate data leaks.

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Comprehensive Protection

Protect applications and services on virtual platforms with full Security Features. All features are included in a single Cloud Guard solution package.

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Multi-platform Support

Support many cloud infrastructures, including: : AWS, Microsoft Azure, Azure Stack, Google Cloud Platform and VMware Cloud, Openstack …

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Easy and Uniform Management

Simplify administration with a single dashboard with consistent display, easy policy management, activity log record, report and control access to all cloud networks and environments.

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Speed and Automation

Automatic authorization, scaling, and policy updates to ensure that it constantly update security measures under any change in the cloud.

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Flexible Pricing

Two pricing options, Pay-as-you-go and Flat pricing, for customers to easily choose and use

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