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Engage your customers with AI-powered Conversation.


FPT.AI provides a platform to create and manage chatbots with a user interface. Covering from natural language processing to dialog management, the system offers a complete bot solution that can integrate with and communicate on various platforms, automating conversations, bringing more sales leads, scaling operations while increasing customer satisfaction.

Natural conversation in multiple languages

Accurately understand users’ Intents in Vietnamese, English, Japanese, and respond with contextually relevant answers. Chatbots can undergo self-learning and grow more intelligent under human supervision.

User interface

Administrators can easily follow, update, and customize scenarios to satisfy actual business demands.

Omnichannel deployment

Chatbot built on FPT.AI Conversation is able to be deployed on various channels (webchat, email, SMS, or an application) via cross-platform (Facebook, Zalo, Viber, etc.).

A perfect tool for business

Easily build flows of conversations with your customers through their journey with your products/services and automatically broadcast the updated promotional programs.

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Conversation quality report

Chatbot can be trained to better assist customers using automatically generated reports about chatbot’s ability to understand the conversation as well as customer ratings.

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Save expense

Reponse to thousands of customers’ requests simultaneously, allowing businesses to save up to 60% operational costs.

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Enhanced experience

Provide prompt and transformative customer experience as chatbots can accurately understand customers’ intents expressed in Vietnamese (abbreviations, slangs,…) and other languages (English, Japanese).

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Easily create and manage

The user interface is optimized to easily create and manage chatbot and enhance its quality.

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Compatibility and scalability

FPT.AI Chatbot can integrate with your business system through APIs with minimal effort, flexible deployment whether on-cloud or on-premise. Our cloud-based platform allows flexible scalability which processes several thousand customer intents at the same time

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