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FPT.AI eKYC provides state-of-the-art Deep Learning algorithms to detect and compare the portrait in personal identification documents such as ID cards, driver’s licenses, passports… for real face authentication. Simplify verification processes into mere seconds instead of hours or days.

Identity proof check​ing

Automatically extract personal data (Name, DoB, Address,…) and face image from ID photo with AI-powered OCR technology with accuracy and reliability, even with low-quality photos.

Liveness check​

Enhance security and user experience with liveness checking with Head Movement and Video Liveness detection combined with user-friendly anti-spoofing technology that works on any devices.

Similarity check​

Establishing trust and preventing fraud by comparing the faces of live people and photos on identification documents to verify if they are same person,

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Fast, simplified, and more secure

Save time, optimize the resources, reduce errors, and satisfy high demands in profession and security. With FPT.AI eKYC, users will only need a few seconds for identification and some minutes for transactions.

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Fully customizable to align with your corporate UI/UX

Customize the verification process based on customer usage behavior.

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Omnichannel verification

FPT.AI eKYC can be easily integrated into your workflow and supports iOS, Android, API, SDK and webcams.



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