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By applying Optical Characteristic Recognition (OCR) on the base of Deep learning technology, FPT.AI Reader enables the identification of ID documents (i.e. National ID card, Driver’s License and Passport) and content extraction from images of various forms/bills (i.e. electric, water and retail bills, etc.) and printed documents. FPT.AI Reader is the ultimate tool for business to accelerate document processing and digitalization.

Identification accuracy above 90%

Leading the industry quality regarding Vietnamese documentation identification, FPT.AI Reader helps ennterprises save manual maintenance costs when using the database system or CRM.

Various documentation types

FPT.AI Reader allows users to quickly extract information of more than 30 documentation categories such as National ID, passport, driver’s license as well as documents for particular industries like Finance and Insurance from our existing documentation storage.

Unlimited identification and extraction

Users can easily add specialized documentation templates and train the model to extract information accordingly.

Easy to use

Connect the user system/application via API protocol. The drag-and-drop interface is suitable any end-users without any coding knowledge.

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Agile customization and reduced cost

By eliminating human resource costs and input time, enterprises can increase operational effectiveness and flexibly scale the business.

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Enhanced customer experience

The registration and authentication processes are quick, helping reduce waiting time and increase customer satisfaction.

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Easy system integration

With APIs, FPT.AI Reader can be easily integrated to any enterprise systems in the shortest time.

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