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FPT.AI Voice Maker offers a user-friendly interface that allows easy maneuvering and thus is suitable for both individuals and organizations of all scales. With this app, users can easily perform text-to-speech tasks and download the output in MP3 format.

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Automatic content extraction

Users can just need to paste a link on the app and Voice Maker can extract the website’s content to voice in mere seconds.

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The app can be trained to speech other languages using when spelt using Vietnamese phonetics.

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Pausing customization

Users can also adjust the output’s pausing.

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Diverse voices

Output can include multiple voices and different pausing for conversations and quote highlight

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Easy text customization

Search & Replace, Undo & Redo functions allows for customization and completion in accordance with demand.

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Unlimited characters

There is no limit on the number of text characters per conversion, so there is no file interruption and cutting.

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Free listening

User can listen to the whole conversion output for free.

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Payment by use

FPT.AI Voice Maker allows free text conversion for the first 100,000 characters every month. For additional characters, FPT.AI offers a variety of deals from 500,000 characters to 10,000,000 characters suitable for different levels of usage.

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