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Build highly scalable applications on a fully managed serverless platform.

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FPT Application Engine Auto Scaling

The FPT Application Engine platform allows developing and storing large-scale web applications. You can select one from common languages, libraries, and frameworks to develop your own apps, and Application Engine will provide server permission and the ability to scale your app versions as needed.

Fast and quick monitoring

Create, increase, or decrease resources by the minute.


Support scalability when needing higher efficiency and automatically return extra resources when the system is back to normal.


When an error occurs on the application node, the system will restart the application on that node or another one without disrupting the overall operation.

SLA 99,95%

Reliable with 99.95% SLA for each region. At least two AZ/regions. Backup at 2 sites: Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh.

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Availability for scaling infrastructure

With FPT Application Engine you can develop, implement, and expand the applications without considering the infrastructure.

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Resource management optimization

Help customers to decrease resources to manage the system as well as its configurations.

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Support multi-platforms, multi-languages

FPT Application Engine is able to support multiple languages and application development frameworks.

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Flexible Pricing

Two pricing options, Pay-as-you-go and Flat pricing, for customers to easily choose and use

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