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Instant data backup and restore, ensuring data security and integrity.

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FPT Backup Server

FPT Backup Service supports businesses to backup and reproduce a part or all of the application, data, and enterprise server system to the Cloud computing infrastructure, providing backups for operations when the main system encounters unexpected failures or errors. The backup system can act as a complete system when needed. The service has a high level of availability, allowing instant and integral data recovery.

Multi-source data backup

Support backups from multiple sources: physical server, virtual server, file directory… Save backup data in 2 regions: Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City.

Multi-platform backup

Support backups from on-premise infrastructure, from cloud computing infrastructure, or between zones of FPT Cloud.

Support various operating systems

Compatible with common operating systems (Window, Linux, MacOS)

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Management optimization

Provide automatic backup scheduling backup job status monitoring features.

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Automation and security

Backup data are automatically stored as multiple copies at the same time. Safety and security are ensured with the encryption of data transmission and storage.

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Save storage space

With incremental backup, the system will automatically save data changes to optimize storage space.

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Fast and uninterrupted operation

The unlimited domestic bandwidth allows fast and effective data backup/recovery. The system operates continuously and uninterruptedly throughout the backup process.

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Flexible Pricing

Two pricing options, Pay-as-you-go and Flat pricing, for customers to easily choose and use

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