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FPT Cloud Server provides a secure and reliable virtual private server that is centralized for easy scalability. Users can easily create and configure compute instances with minimum steps. It further enables a comprehensive control of the calculation system on the WEB, CLI, and API interfaces. FPT Cloud Server allows customers to select the configuration of each compute component including processor, storage, networking, operation system, and charging method.


Autoscaling instance according to workload and usage demand.

Service commitment 99.99%

Stability guaranteed with 99.99% Uptime.

Safety – Security

Default Standard Firewall L4 and other firewall appliances from large providers around the world such as Checkpoint, Fortigate… ensure system security

Load balacing integration

Load balancing service integrated enables system load sharing and improves efficiency, readiness, and scalability of the system.

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Advanced configuration

With CPU Silver and Gold, GPU meets various performance requirements with respect to Database, SAP, ERP, or AI/ML.

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Diverse compatibility

Compatible with Windows and Linux OS.

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Optimal security

A Firewall service that integrates information security solutions from large vendors including Checkpoint, Fortigate to ensure safety.

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Flexible Pricing

Two pricing options, Pay-as-you-go and Flat pricing, for customers to easily choose and use

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