Effective remote working solution (VDI)

Virtual computer service for businesses – Flexible and secure virtual computer service for businesses on FPT Cloud infrastructure.
FPT Cloud Server is a service that provides a secure and reliable virtual server system centrally designed for easy scalability. Users can easily create and configure compute instances with the simplest number of operations. Provides the ability to control the computing system on the WEB, CLI and API interfaces. FPT Elastic Compute allows you to choose to configure each compute component including: processor, storage, networking, operating system and charging method.

Product advantage

Auto Expansion
Automatically scale instances according to workload and usage needs when using cloud compute services.
Real-time operation 99.99%
FPT Cloud's virtual server rental service is committed to stability with uptime up to 99.99%.
Safety – Security
Cloud Compute has the default built-in Standard Firewall L4 firewall system and many upgraded Firewall options from major security companies to help ensure absolute safety for the system.
Integrated load balancing
Load balancing of virtual servers allows deployment to share system load, improving system performance, availability, and scalability.

Application scenarios

Success Story

Pioneering the digitization of the pharmaceutical industry with breakthrough technology
Applying technology in automated customer care
Maintain customer service in the context of Covid-19 with Call Center Virtual Assistant

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