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The Microsoft Azure platform is a cloud computing service for developing, deploying, and managing applications via the global network centers of Microsoft. This solution will aid you to build, manage, and effectively implement from simple mobile applications to large-scale solutions.

Connectivity in multi-working environment

The Microsoft Azure solution allows the business network to connect with the Microsoft Cloud or any other services that you want to privately connect to.

Improve tools and automation

Customization tools and Azure Resource Management (ARM) helps to simplify activities and ensure compliance with the most advanced solutions.

Trusted Cloud

Help protect your business assets and data against evolving threats with built-in multilayered security and intelligent threat protection.


Microsoft owns the higher amount of data centers across the globe. This enables your IT resources to be distributed from different locations as needed.

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Optimize investment capital

Hundreds of Microsoft-qualified experts will assist you in the design, deployment, and management of the Azure Cloud, which are customizable to optimize efficiency, reliability, operation time, and expense.

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Minimize risks

FPT Smart Cloud experts are always available to help businesses with standard SLA and update notifications on Microsoft Azure.

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Create a smart and powerful ecosystem

Aside from existing devices, businesses can further add new devices provided by Azure and its partners to ensure the solution compatibility.

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Enhance business efficiency and competitive advantage

Microsoft Azure helps businesses to shorten the offering launch process and provides necessary devices and tools for scaling and globalizing with minimum hardware investment costs.

Trusted partnership

FPT Smart Cloud and Microsoft has partnered to build a global connection, focusing on helping businesses to optimize Microsoft technology. We carry out promises by delivering creative products and supporting services that have never been included in Microsoft investment portfolio.

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