Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

A secure and private cloud infrastructure that businesses can easily manage.

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FPT Virtual Private Cloud enables customers to distribute internal network into various independent and secure regions, allowing them to design, implement, and fully control the infrastructure and service as a datacenter. Customers can self-organize zones, networks, connectivity models, and devices including Load balancer, firewall, WAF, VPN, and server on the FPT Cloud portal interface.


Provide customized network and resource virtualization according to the organizational structure.

Network control

Design, monitor, control, and adjust the traffic between network (DMZ, App, Database).

Hybrid & multi-cloud model

By deploying the Hybrid Could Model, customers can configure unique IP and DNS from FPT Cloud to other systems.

Safety – Security

Ensuring safety with default firewall and information safety solutions from Checkpoint, Fortigate…, ensuring optimal information security.

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Operational efficiency, budget optimization

Control budget, monitor resource usage, and adjust with monitoring tools and the ability to preset resources such as RAM/CPU/Disk/IP/Firewall…

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Flexible design

Customers can easily and flexibly design simple to. complext network model on the FPT Cloud Interface.

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Access anywhere, anytime

Expand the customer’s datacenter on Cloud with VPN or Direct Connect service, allowing customers to use both current and Cloud infrastructures. The service is continuously updated based on the most up-to-date technological infrastructure and included detailed update routes for customers.

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Flexible Pricing

Two pricing options, Pay-as-you-go and Flat pricing, for customers to easily choose and use

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