IAM Engineer (Identity Security Management)

IAM Engineer (Identity Security Management)

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13:12 25/01/2022

1. Job Description

  • Design and develop Identity and Access Management / Single Sign-on features and deploy Active Directory, PAM and MFA systems for infrastructure and on-prem and cloud-based solutions provided by FPT Cloud. 
  • Work with Product Owner to discuss business requirements. 
  • Work with developers in other departments to integrate the system. 
  • Work with the infrastructure team to maintain the production running system. 
  • Work with other members of the development team (and partnered teams) to develop new features (including writing code, writing unit tests, integration tests, end-to-end testing, code review by other members, deploy code to environments). Work according to Scrum guidelines. 
  • Work with other members of the development team (and partnered teams) to maintain the current system, verify and fix bugs if they arise. Regularly monitor system health to ensure SLA/SLO. Plan to improve technical indicators. 
  • Work with team lead/architect to contribute to system architecture design 
  • Regularly update architecture and design documents to ensure that they reflect the current system state. 
  • Regularly discuss with other members about the architecture and how to develop the system to solve the problem. Actively exchange work status with team and manager.  

2. Job Requirement

  • Proficient in administration and use of Linux kernel operating systems (Ubuntu/CentOS...) 
  • Deep understanding and experience working with IAM Protocols (SAML, OAuth, OpenID Connect) 
  • Proficient in MySQL or PostgreSQL 
  • Knowledge of Git, build system, CI/CD 
  • Knowledge of system security 
  • Strive towards writing clean, easy-to-understand code, according to project standards. Ability/experience in code refactoring and code review. 

Advantages (optional): 

  • Have GCP, AWS, Azure certifications 
  • Experience working with open-source software Keycloak, FreeIPA 
  • Application monitoring (Elasticsearch) & DevOps: Kubernetes / Docker 
  • Golang / Python / Java 

3. Top Benefits

  • Up to 600-700 million/year income 
  • FPT Premium Care   
  • Activities and culture with FCI and FPT Corporation 
  • Study support package for children of FCI union Sponsor related courses and certifications (recommended) 

IAM Engineer (Identity Security Management)