Breakthrough business performance with comprehensive Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence platform

The mission of FPT Smart Cloud

FPT Smart Cloud (FCI) – a member of FPT Corporation, the leading provider of Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Cloud Computing solutions in Vietnam. FCI was founded with the mission to bring a world-class AI application platform & world-class cloud services, creating a breakthrough in business operations.

FPT Smart Cloud aims to become a leading provider of Cloud Computing and AI thanks to its solid technology foundation, diverse product ecosystem and global connectivity.

Value brought by FPT Smart Cloud

  • Customization by field
    Cloud-based products and solutions are flexibly customized to the specifics of each field and service.
  • Comprehensive platform
    Various technologies and solutions are integrated on a single platform – FPT Smart Cloud.
  • Market leader
    Advanced Cloud Computing and AI platform infrastructure helps local businesses develop online products and services.
  • Building the future
    Incorporating world-class processes and technologies, helping customers stay ahead of trends and achieve success.

New Generation Cloud Platform – Ready for Business

About us
FPT Cloud is a next-generation Cloud computing platform, built according to International Cloud standards. Ecosystem +80 solutions will meet the diverse needs of Vietnamese businesses from basic to specific.

Why choose FPT Smart Cloud

  • Local knowledge
  • Local support
  • Local customization
  • FPT Smart Cloud is a trusted partner of the world's leading businesses due to our commitment, quality processes and technological capabilities.
  • Adapt quickly to all changes, diversifying competitive advantages.
  • Breakthrough operational efficiency, accompanying businesses to conquer new heights