The next-generation Cloud – Ready for your business

FPT Cloud provides a variety of products, solutions, and utilities, helping customers”turn ideas into solutions” and flexibly customize their service ecosystem.
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Accompany Businesses in The Digital Transformation Journey

The ecosystem allows businesses foster digital transformation, improve productivity, save expenses, and optimize resources to overcome any challenge.
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About Us

The next-generation Cloud – Ready for your business

FPT Cloud is a new generation Cloud platform, built on virtualization platform VMWare and OpenStack, deployed on FPT’s modern Data Center system, providing a variety of products, solutions, utilities, helping customers “turn ideas into solutions” and flexibly customize their service ecosystem.

Global standard technology

VMware Cloud verified, ensuring strict requirements on system architecture design and information security.

Elastic architecture

Fully redundant cloud storage with over 10,000 virtual machines and support network, ready for expanding and boosting the system.

Excellent & trustworthy operation

Operating in an Uptime Tier III datacenter and an advanced architecture. Preset direct connections to Public Cloud systems (Microsoft, AWS, Google).

Advantages of local support & local data

Ensure compliance to local laws & regulations and fulfill any requirements of local businesses with excellent infrastructure architecture and international qualified experts

About Us


SeABank has always identified digital convergence and synchronous technological infrastructure as the main pillar to develop, contributing to improving customer experience. SeABank was the first bank to incorporate Artificial Intelligence (AI) in daily activities through the launch of SeAMoble application and appliance in business operations. The partnership with FPT Smart Cloud to deploy Virtual Agent is on the strategic journey of SeABank to enhance service quality, better serve customers, and optimize operations.

Mrs. Le Thu Thuy
Chief Executive Officer – SeABank

Utilizing technology to enhance customer experience is one of Home Credit strategy in the digital transformation journey. Most recently, we entered the AI world with the Voicebot technology by FPT Smart Cloud. With Voicebot, we are able to reach a lot more customers while simultaneously improving our service and customer experience.

Mr. Branislav Vargic
Former Chief Operations Officer – Home Credit Vietnam

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16 June, 2021
How Adobe Became a Successful $95 Billion SaaS Company

When we think about SaaS success stories, which is the one that people don’t often think about? Adobe. In 2007, the global revenue of SaaS…

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3 June, 2021
Cloud For Beginners – Fundamental Knowledge

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2 June, 2021
Điện toán đám mây – Công nghệ cốt lõi của cách mạng công nghiệp 4.0

Các báo cáo công nghiệp trên toàn thế giới đều cho rằng: Công nghệ Cloud (Điện toán đám mây) chính là nền tảng cho cách…

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24 May, 2021
FPT khởi công Trung tâm Dữ liệu lớn nhất Việt Nam

Sáng 4/5/2020, Trung tâm dữ liệu (Data Center) lớn nhất Việt Nam của FPT đã khởi công tại Khu Công nghệ cao, quận 9, TP…

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