SAP system on FPT Cloud – Smart Factory

Success Story


Enterprise introduction

The enterprise operates in the field of production and processing of food and feed leading in Vietnam, providing millions of tons of animal feed products annually to domestic and international users. As a leading enterprise in the food processing industry for nearly 20 years, they implement the strategy of becoming a leading multinational food chain with the application of advanced and outstanding technology.

Currently, the client enterprise owns a system of many animal feed factories with production and quality control processes according to ISO 22000, HACCP, GLOBAL G.A.P standards not only in Vietnam but also expanding to the market. area.


Requires continuous operation 24/7/365, without interruption
Requires continuous operation 24/7/365, without interruption
To meet the explosion in development and production expansion, IT infrastructure is required to operate continuously 24/7/365, without interruption.
IT system overload
IT system overload
With the growth of the number of factories, the IT system could not keep up with the rapid development of the business itself and the market.
Distributed data in many places with low security
Distributed data in many places with low security
The data storage system is distributed in factories, making security and user data management measures very difficult.


Migrate the system to FPT Cloud
Move the entire current information technology system from the hardware environment at the current Datacenter to the FPT Cloud cloud environment, especially the existing ERP system.
Building infrastructure and implementing the entire ERP system
Building a FPT Cloud system that goes hand in hand with customers, applying best practices in security, monitoring administration, storage, networking, and application lifecycle management.
Building a disaster backup system on the Cloud with a regional structure
Synchronization between the customer's available servers and the server on FPT Cloud to meet the 24/7 operation but still ensure stability, flexibility and security.


Save timeSave time
Shorten system upgrade, deployment and expansion time by 3-4 times.
Cost optimizationCost optimization
30% reduction in management, operation and investment costs; Convert from Capex to Opex model.
Security enhancement Security enhancement
Meets international standard ISO 27017. Increases user satisfaction rate up to over 80%.
Mr. Đang Thach Quan
We decided to convert the entire existing IT infrastructure to the FPT Cloud platform, deploy the whole new ERP system and build a disaster backup, backup and restore system. The results obtained are very positive.