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Applying technology in automated customer care

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Enterprise introduction

FWD entered Vietnam market in 2016 and is a member of FWD Group operating in 10 countries in Asia. Impress customers with new experiences that make the insurance enrollment process simpler and faster with innovative solutions, easy-to-understand products powered by smart digital technology

Recognized as a differentiated insurance company by possessing breakthrough products, a quality-focused distribution system, and digitizing all processes, FWD is continuously one of the fastest growing life insurance companies in the world. fastest growth in the market.


Market demand has increased dramatically
Market demand has increased dramatically
The increasing number of interactive calls is posing new challenges for insurance businesses.
Delay in customer response
Delay in customer response
According to statistics of Fintech Magazine, customers have to wait an average of 30 minutes to connect to insurance agents.
Request to enhance the experience
Request to enhance the experience
Quickly apply technology in all stages of the insurance value chain to increase convenience for customers.


Automating two-way interactions with natural machine voices
The technology assistant "Kooki" is capable of making automatic calls to customers, interacting automatically with natural two-way with voices according to gender and region to exchange and update information to customers. .
Automatically save extract, store data
A virtual assistant switchboard compared to a traditional call center service is the ability to listen, understand exactly what the customer's intentions are, and extract meaningful information for each intent. Data is saved on the system to help employees easily track.


Optimize customer serviceOptimize customer service
Tech assistants using Artificial Intelligence platform make 150,000 outgoing calls per month, helping businesses optimize about 40% of the ability to operate the Customer Service Call Center.
Improve business productivityImprove business productivity
Automating processes with advanced technology solutions helps companies quickly respond when situations become complex and can train a more dynamic workforce.
Mr. Dao Huu Phuc
Modern technologies such as FPT AI and FPT Cloud that FWD is deploying not only bring customers convenient digital insurance experiences but also show that FWD is always a pioneer in digital transformation in the Vietnamese life insurance industry. Nam is changing people's perception of insurance.
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