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Success Story


Enterprise introduction

SSI Securities Joint Stock Company (SSI-House) is one of the oldest operating companies in the Vietnamese stock market. With outstanding advantages in human resources, partner network and financial potential, up to now, SSI has been firmly in the position of No. 1 securities company with the most attractive brand value and reputation in the market.

SSI is proud to be one of the securities companies that is always a pioneer in innovating and creating products and services, in order to provide the best value to customers. Facing the opportunities and challenges of the market in the new development phase, SSI boldly applies the most advanced technology solutions to automate work processes.


Traffic is increasing day by day
Traffic is increasing day by day
Every month, SSI has millions of new visitors through channels such as Facebook, website... and they have "dozens" of questions that need to be answered.
Large and repetitive workload
Large and repetitive workload
Questions from customers related to common problems such as: How can I open an SSI account? What are SSI funds?...
Waste of time and resources
Waste of time and resources
It is necessary to quickly answer information for customers, and reduce the load of repetitive, time- and energy-consuming activities for the consulting team.


Chatbot application to provide basic information
The virtual agent is capable of providing basic information about the SSI company, the investment fund packages SSI is deploying, or simply the addresses of transaction branches.
Automatically answer frequently asked questions
Customers can view detailed information about each investment package and ask the bot to answer questions related to that investment package.


Consult customers quickly, 24/7, anytime, anywhereConsult customers quickly, 24/7, anytime, anywhere
Chatbot AI is ready to advise and answer customers in the right focus and details immediately, 24/7, anytime, anywhere.
Enhance customer experienceEnhance customer experience
Thanks to the intelligent Virtual Assistant, SSI customers don't need to wait for hours for their questions to be answered.
Reduce operating costs, save manpowerReduce operating costs, save manpower
Automate repetitive question-answering tasks, giving consultants more time to focus on tasks that require more expertise.
SSI Representative
The AI ​​assistant on FPT Cloud has helped SSI automate repetitive question-answering tasks, giving consultants more time to focus on tasks that require more expertise.