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Synnex FPT is the leading distributor of technology products in Vietnam. With nearly 30 years of experience in the distribution industry in the domestic market, Synnex FPT has contributed to bringing millions of high-quality products and technology solutions to Vietnamese consumers. The channel system of more than 3,800 agents and 8000 points of sale, the optimal sales support policy and the comprehensive digital management solution of Synnex FPT are the factors that ensure a perfect supply chain.


ERP under microservices architecture
ERP under microservices architecture
With the requirement for a completely new ERP system with the development of Microservices architecture.
Ability of extension
Ability of extension
The data and volume of access to the system is very large, so scalability is a top condition to ensure the system operates stably and without downtime.
rapid deployment
rapid deployment
New technology infrastructure must meet the time to deploy the new system quickly and efficiently to meet future changes and developments.
Cloud vs On-premise
Cloud vs On-premise
Looking for a Cloud service to replace outdated on-premise infrastructure that cannot accommodate the new ERP system


Stable Cloud technology infrastructure
Infrastructure with advanced technologies helps the system to operate stably. At the same time, FPT Cloud provides professional monitoring tools to help businesses actively coordinate resources effectively
Kubernetes Engine Services with Microservices Architecture
FPT Kubernetes Engine service quickly and quickly responds to the needs of the project's Service expansion and meets the needs of the project development according to the Microservice architecture quickly and efficiently.


Shorten implementation timeShorten implementation time
Advanced FPT Kubernetes Engine service helps shorten the deployment time by 6 months. Along with FPT Cloud's services are deployed and provided to customers quickly with a team of experts to support
Simple, centralized operationSimple, centralized operation
All management tools and systems are on the same Unified Portal system of FPT Cloud, making it simple to manage and operate the infrastructure on the Cloud and reduce the required personnel to ensure stable operation of the system.
OpEx and CapEx optimal costsOpEx and CapEx optimal costs
Enterprises have reduced investment costs in OpEx and CapEx by up to 18% by bringing the system to the Cloud and saving operating personnel.
Synnex FPT's Representative
With the complex ERP system project under the new microservice architecture, the technical team needed to consider a lot about technology as well as a reputable service provider to implement the project. FPT Cloud team has accompanied and supported us in the process of developing and implementing the project without affecting the business and operation of the enterprise.
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