Vietnam Electricity – Central Power Corporation

Automatically answer thousands of calls to notify customers of electrical problems

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Enterprise introduction

Central Power Corporation - EVN CPC is a member enterprise of Electricity of Vietnam (EVN), producing and trading electricity in 13 provinces and cities - from Quang Binh to Khanh Hoa and 04 provinces. Highlands.

Central Power is an innovative thinking enterprise, always ready to apply the latest technologies in the production, supply and management of electricity data, helping to improve customer service quality, enhance labor productivity, reducing manual work for agents.


call center overload
call center overload
The number of calls increased suddenly, one day, 40 agents of the Center received up to 15,000 calls, while only handling about 200 calls/shift.
Delay in response
Delay in response
many calls, customers have to wait a long time, even, can not receive and respond
Impact on corporate branding
Impact on corporate branding
This causes discomfort and dissatisfaction of customers, affecting customers' trust in the electricity industry.


Automatically answer customer questions via IVR switchboards
Central Power EVN CPC has used FPT.AI Text to Speech service to automatically answer through IVR switchboards to customers' questions about the reason for the power outage, the time of power supply, etc., replacing hundreds of employees. call center, ready to support customers anytime, anywhere.
Automatic data retrieval and customer identification
When a customer calls the "AI Virtual Assistant" switchboard, it will automatically retrieve data from the Customer Care software to identify and identify the customer according to the registered phone number information.
Virtual assistant with Artificial Intelligence
the Text is converted into an audio file to "talk", answer the customer. The entire Text to Speech process is handled by the "AI Virtual Assistant" at high speed, almost immediately giving customer feedback.


optimizing operation costoptimizing operation cost
Make nearly 46,000 automated calls from customers (in 6 months), equivalent to 420 man-days of an Agent. It is estimated that the Call Center Virtual Assistant helps the company save more than 600 million VND/year.
Provide information quickly with high accuracyProvide information quickly with high accuracy
Support to answer customers anytime, anywhere with specific, accurate information, personalize each customer, bring positive experiences about electrical services, improve the productivity of the customer service department
Enhance customer experienceEnhance customer experience
Most customers are satisfied with the information from the AI ​​system, there is no additional requirement to meet the operator in person. For unsatisfied customers, the virtual assistant of the switchboard will connect to the telephone operator to advise and answer customer questions as quickly as possible.
Mr. Lê Văn Tường
In 6 months of implementation, “AI Virtual Assistant” has performed nearly 46,000 automated consultations. Accordingly, when calculating and converting into productivity and working efficiency, this technology helps to benefit about more than 300 million VND/year. With the increasing demand for calls to the switchboard, “AI Virtual Assistant” will bring even greater economic efficiency.