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The journey of explosive growth with FPT Cloud

Success Story


Enterprise introduction

With a solid technology foundation and 14 years of experience in the field of education, VioEdu - Vietnam's leading online education system for high school students has supported more than 10 million users who are teachers and students. students, implementing testing and evaluation methods at more than 40,000 schools across the country.

VioEdu is also the only unit to successfully organize a math arena playground with more than 200,000 students.


Sudden increase in load traffic
Sudden increase in load traffic
During the "key" periods of the school year, VioEdu has a huge amount of data that needs to be stored and processed when the number of users increases dramatically in a short time.
Old infrastructure does not meet demand
Old infrastructure does not meet demand
The old infrastructure platform is not enough to meet the rapidly increasing demand, when it is forced to be "elastic" to be flexible, ready for risks and fluctuations in reality.
No specific strategy or roadmap
No specific strategy or roadmap
VioEdu has not yet had a trusted advisor to get the right, fastest and most effective digital transformation roadmap.


Cloud Migration with FPT Cloud Server
Allows businesses to proactively create the desired number of virtual machines; meet the needs of expanding and shrinking according to reality with a centralized, safe and reliable virtual server system.
Using FPT Backup & DR solution
Help back up and restore massive data warehouses in the event of a crash, ensuring the safety and controls needed to monitor and protect critical information.


Optimizing costs and resourcesOptimizing costs and resources
Bringing outstanding advantages in deployment speed, cost optimization and IT resources for focusing on developing high-end application layers.
Safety and securitySafety and security
Eliminate all worries about information security and system stability with 24/7/365 advice and support from FPT Cloud experts.
Increase load capacityIncrease load capacity
The system can withstand more than 100,000 concurrent users and still operate stably.
MR. Tran Anh Son Tung
We decided to use FPT Cloud's services for our system because they have the same service quality as foreign partners, own advantages in domestic transmission lines, support ability as well as contract costs. physical.