24/7 convenience store chain

Transform to accelerate and break through

Success Story


Enterprise introduction

7-Eleven operates a chain of convenience stores with thousands of stores, serving millions of domestic and international consumers. The first 7-Eleven convenience store in Vietnam was opened in 2017, making Vietnam the 19th country to participate in the world's largest chain of convenience stores.

The enterprise is currently implementing a transnational strategy, focusing on the Asian market, but has been facing significant challenges when entering the Vietnamese market.


Disruption in communication
Disruption in communication
The exchange of information is often interrupted, too much data together reduces the ability to upgrade and expand the system when necessary.
High cost
High cost
Using a physical server to serve the business and manage data makes the costs related to installation, operation, maintenance, expansion expensive and not really effective.
Low security
Low security
Data on the physical server system has many potential risks of data loss and loss when hardware devices have problems.


Surveys, reviews
With a system consisting of many distributed servers, it requires the deployment team to research and calculate carefully to minimize the risks of system downtime and not disrupt the business process of customers.
Migrate system to FPT Cloud Server
Replace all 65 different servers with one unified Cloud Server.
Rapid Deployment
After 2 weeks of implementation, the conversion process has been completed with the transfer of all customer data and still ensures the operation of the store chain is not interrupted during the conversion.


Save timeSave time
Reduce system update and fix time by 30%.
load balancing load balancing
Ability to operate stably when suddenly increasing load. The number of hours of increased load is stable for 1 month.
Improve customer satisfactionImprove customer satisfaction
According to the post-conversion survey, the customer satisfaction index is >7.5/10.
7-Eleven representative
With a system consisting of many distributed servers that requires the deployment team to research and calculate carefully to minimize the risks of system downtime, FPT Cloud experts have accompanied us in this transformation. that does not interrupt the business process.