Pioneering the digitization of the pharmaceutical industry with breakthrough technology

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Enterprise introduction

As a pioneer in the digital transformation trend of the pharmaceutical industry when recently, this enterprise officially cooperated with FPT.AI, launching the Call Center Virtual Assistant application into the customer care process, creating a breakthrough. performance impressions.

From the second quarter of 2021, Boston Pharma officially put FPT.AI Call Center Virtual Assistant into customer care. This is a strategic step of Boston Pharma on the journey of digital transformation, with the expectation that it will bring the ability to optimize costs, improve employee performance, and at the same time change the traditional way of operation of the company. customer service department, distributor management department and agents.


Covid-19 and social distancing
Covid-19 and social distancing
The Covid-19 pandemic broke out and caused unprecedented difficulties. Social distancing makes Boston Pharma's call center facing multiple challenges
Exploding the number of calls in the period of Covid-19
Exploding the number of calls in the period of Covid-19
Every day, Boston Pharma's health advice call center receives thousands of calls. How to maintain and ensure transparent customer service?
Overloaded health consultation switchboard
Overloaded health consultation switchboard
In order to optimize the consulting operations of the switchboard, businesses need a solution that automates repetitive tasks and reduces the work of agents.


Digitizing the pharmacy switchboard
Automatically receive thousands of incoming calls from customers, quickly respond to customer requests or accurately and immediately dispatch to the specialized department.
Automatically interact and store
Two-way automatic interaction to exchange and update information to customers with more than 12 communication scenarios. Information will be stored on the system in text or audio format in real time.


Improve customer satisfactionImprove customer satisfaction
The average Satisfaction score is rated by customers up to 4.5/5. Interacting with a voice-based PBX delivers a breakthrough in experience.
improve call center performanceimprove call center performance
On average, the virtual assistant of the switchboard receives thousands of calls every month, improving up to 80% of the operating efficiency of the switchboard.
Improve quality servingImprove quality serving
Customers don't have to wait for their needs to be met, even during peak times. The quality of customer care is uniform, coherent and transparent.
Mr. Luong Dang Khoa
Voicebot is a breakthrough technology, applying Artificial Intelligence that Boston Pharma has recently completed and deployed. With the ability to automatically handle incoming calls, Voicebot answers customer information at any time.