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Enterprise introduction

FPT Retail Digital Retail Joint Stock Company is a member of FPT Vietnam Corporation, with two main brands: FPT Shop and F.Studio By FPT – Apple's official authorized dealer in Vietnam in top level.

After 7 years of operation, FPT Retail has developed a nationwide chain of stores, covering 63 provinces and cities, with a total of 500 stores. Currently, FPT Retail is the number 1 retailer in Vietnam in terms of laptop market share, and the 2nd in mobile phone market share.

FPT Shop is proud to be one of the four largest retailers in Vietnam. With tireless efforts, progressive spirit of integration, willingness to test the most modern technologies into customer care and management systems, FPT Shop has built a firm belief in the hearts of customers. love technology products.


the increasing number of customers
the increasing number of customers
Every day, on the fanpage of FPT Shop, there are thousands of customers who need advice on the company's digital products.
Repetitive workload
Repetitive workload
Most of the customer's questions are quite similar, more than 70% of the information customers are interested in is available in reserve data and can be answered automatically.
Waste of time and resources
Waste of time and resources
The response and consultation process can be very time consuming for employees. Even when the number of messages is too much, it is inevitable to miss the message.


Chatbot Pika - a consultant operating 24/7
Focus on building chatbot Pika is a consultant, taking on the task of answering frequently asked questions (FAQs) of customers. Prepare a clear data set and process to train the chatbot in the most methodical way.
Synchronize data, retrieve information quickly and accurately
Millions of data records, from inventory, prices to geographical coordinates, store locations, are all connected to a common data warehouse, serving the fastest and most synchronized information retrieval by chatbots.
Automatic update using natural language processing technology
FPT.AI's chatbot can clearly understand the customer's intentions, give unilateral and multiple answers, or suggest the next question/answer in the same conversation.


Quick consultation, 24/7, anytime, anywhereQuick consultation, 24/7, anytime, anywhere
From November 2018 to now, the total number of customers who have interacted with the chatbot is 65,258 people. The number of questions the chatbot has handled is 272,789 questions. Processing speed from 2 to 3s.
Reduce operating costs, save manpowerReduce operating costs, save manpower
Chatbot helps cut 60% of work time. The customer care team focuses on tasks that require more expertise such as consulting and troubleshooting.
Enhance omnichannel customer experienceEnhance omnichannel customer experience
Just ask chatbot Pika via Messenger or Livechat on the website, customers will receive the necessary information immediately.
Sales representative of FPT Shop
Chatbot has helped us cut 60% of work time by understanding customer intent and self-learning ability every day.
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