FPT Container Registry
FPT Container Registry


FPT Container Registry is a cloud service by FPT Cloud that provides container image storage and management. Users can simplify and have unified management for their product lifecycle, including storing, securing, cloning, and managing container images. FPT Container Registry can also be integrated with other toolchains such as DevOps tools, CI/CD flows, Kubernetes Engine, Virtual Machines, etc. This article will provide an overview of the FPT Container Registry and its features, as well as what you should consider before using it, and how to create and manage one.

Things to consider

  • Region: Where the server is located can affect image pulling and pushing speed. You should consider choosing a region that is closest to where the traffic is coming from to optimize the speed.

  • Repository Count & Size: Each FPT Cloud account is provided with a limited number of Container Registry, so you should consider the number of repositories you need, as well as its storage size to avoid exceeding the limit.

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