Managed – FPT Kubernetes Engine
Managed – FPT Kubernetes Engine

The FPT Kubernetes Engine is based on the open-source K8s platform, facilitating the automation of deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. FPT Kubernetes Engine integrates various components, including Container Orchestration, Storage, Networking, Security, and PaaS, providing customers with an optimal environment for developing and deploying applications in the cloud.

M-FKE (Managed - FPT Kubernetes Engine) is a service delivery model for FKE Kubernetes services. With M-FKE, FPT Cloud manages the entire control-plane components, while users deploy and manage the Worker Nodes. M-FKE allows users to focus on deploying applications without the need to invest resources in managing the K8s cluster.

What to consider before using M-FKE?

  • Geographical location of the Kubernetes Cluster: The geographical location (Region) can affect the access speed to servers during usage. It is advisable to choose the nearest Region to the traffic source to optimize speed.

  • Number of nodes and configuration: FPT Cloud accounts are allocated specific limits for resources such as RAM + CPU, Storage, IP, etc. Therefore, you should determine the amount of resources needed and set a maximum limit to be met for FPT Cloud to support you effectively.

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