FPT Object Storage
FPT Object Storage

Introduction to Object Storage on FPT Cloud

FPT Object Storage is an unlimited, secure, high-performance storage service ensuring continuous and high-demand data access needs. This service supports a protocol equivalent to S3 (Simple Storage Service). It is applied in various use cases, such as storing images, media, websites, mobile applications, backup data, IoT data, and log storage.


FPT Object Storage is provided in two regions (HN-HCM) with the ability to synchronize buckets automatically.

Function Feature Benefits Description
Security Access control, traffic monitoring. Tight access control. A secure data storage service with access control and monitoring of data access traffic.
File Storage Versioning Store multiple versions of an object. A cloud storage service that stores multiple versions of the same object, allowing for restoring previous versions in case of errors.
File Access Data encryption during transmission. Data security assurance. FPT Cloud's Object Storage service encrypts data during transmission using SSL protocol and controls data access to ensure absolute security.
File Access S3 Client Support Compatible with S3 protocol. When using the Object Storage service, customers can be confident as it is compatible with most S3 Client tools, aws sdk, s3cmd, and more.
GUI Management FPT Portal Support Easy management on the portal interface. The user-friendly FPT Portal interface allows you to create and use the service quickly.
Upload Files Multipart upload Support for pausing large file uploads, bandwidth optimization. Multipart upload allows you to divide large files into smaller parts and upload them in parallel, maximizing Internet bandwidth usage during file uploads. You can also pause and resume the upload process, with automatic resumption in case of errors.
General Pay As You Go Cost savings. Save on initial investment, construction, maintenance, and system operation expenses.

Things to Consider Before Creating an Object Storage

  • Geographical Location of Storage Placement: The geographical location (Region) can affect the internet connectivity speed to the storage during usage. Choosing the nearest Region to the traffic-generating entity is advisable to optimize speed.


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