Create ACLs
Create ACLs
Updated on 22 Dec 2023

ACLs help users assign permissions, limiting the operations of principals on each topic or group. The permissions include Write, Read, from different IP addresses.

To create ACLs, follow these instructions:

Step 1: From the menu, navigate to Application > ACLs. Click Create

Step 2: Enter the necessary information:

  • Credential (required): Select a previously created credential

  • Resource Type (required): Topic or Group.

    If you choose Topic, it means you are assigning permissions for the user to use the topic, similarly if you choose Group.

  • Pattern Type (required): Literal or Prefixed.

    If Literal is selected, it means you have read/write permissions for only one topic that you declare in the “Topic” field. If Prefixed is chosen, you will have read/write permissions for all topics with the prefix displayed in the “Resource name” field.

  • Host (optional): If you want to block access from different IPs, you can enter a value in this field.

  • Operation (required): Assign read or write permissions for topic/group

  • Permission (required): Allow or Deny.

Step 3: Click OK to complete.