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Microsoft 365 – Productivity Cloud for all businesses.

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Microsoft 365 is a Cloud-based solution designed to help businesses improve producitivity with creative Office applications as well as smart and secure Cloud services, optimize investment efficiency, and enable a sustainable future of digital transformation.
With our international qualified experts regarding Microsoft Cloud products and services, FPT Smart Cloud will provide 24/7 customer support for organizations in deploying the service, managing the system, payment, and technical solutions.

Transform the traditional working style

With Microsoft 365, you can work anywhere, anytime, and on any devices (PC, laptop, smartphone…)

Full package to support working

Supplemental applications such as Email Exchange, Sharepoint, OneDrive for Business, Microsoft Teams.

Increase productivity

Unlimited file access and edition on computers.

Better and simpler collaboration

Users can collaborate on a file with any devices such as laptop, tablet and smartphone.

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Easy sharing and collaboration

Each user is allowed to install Office application on up to 5 devices PC/ Laptop/ Smartphone, helping to store, sync, and share files anywhere and anytime.

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Access from anywhere, at any time

Data are stored on cloud in which users can backup and access anywhere and anytime.

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Save investment expense

Businesses do not have to invest too much on the IT infrastructures. Payment is charged depending on the actual usage, saving expenses for copyright, network, and more.

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Data security

The comprehensive cloud computing platform helps to protect business data by providing security features as default for work-from-home activities.

Trusted partnership

FPT Smart Cloud is a trusted partner of Microsoft. We leverage the partnership to provide creative products and supporting services within the Microsoft product ecosystem.

microsoft 365

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